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Monday, January 2, 2017

Welcome to Monday Feature

Welcome to the first of many Monday Feature posts! What is Monday Feature, you ask? It's a special event right here on my blog, where every Monday I will be hosting some of the coolest authors, voice actors, and artists from our gay romance community and put them on the spot for your entertainment.

You'll get to go behind the scenes with guests as they share photos of their creative spaces. You can read interviews in which they admit to guilty habits, discuss the importance of coffee, and talk about some of the oddest things they keep on their desk. Guests will share their latest and upcoming projects, and maybe even a giveaway here and there!

January's lineup includes:

9th: Felice Stevens
16th: Silvia Violet
23rd: Kim Fielding
30th: Derrick McClain

Come by next week for the first guest, and be on the lookout for who will be stopping in during February! I hope to see you again, and don't be afraid to leave comments for guests to answer.


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