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Friday, July 7, 2017

Excerpt: Southernmost Murder

I’m wrapping up the final round of edits on my next mystery novel, Southernmost Murder, and thought I’d share an excerpt. As a side note, Sebastian Snow is the main character of the Snow & Winter series, and friend of Aubrey Grant, this book’s narrator. You certainly don’t have to read the other series to enjoy Southernmost, but hey, if you like sarcastic sleuths, then book one is Nevermore and two is Curiosities.

Southernmost Murder will be released by DSP Publications in early 2018! You can add it to your Goodreads shelf today and stay updated on a cover reveal and official blurb.

Sebastian grinned.
“Shut up.”
“I didn’t say anything.”
I rolled my eyes. “I was in the closet, getting ready to remove some wallpaper in the historical home. I found a false wall.”
He perked up and leaned closer to the screen. God, he needed some new hobbies.
“And, uh… a skeleton—”
“Skeleton?” Sebastian protested over me.
I shushed him, as if it really mattered. “A skeleton was there. I swear to God, I saw it. It scared the piss out of me.”
Sebastian raised his hands out, palms up. “And?”
“You found a skeleton. What did you do with it?”
“You’re way too calm about this,” I said, removing the cigarette from my mouth. “I called the police. A detective showed up, I brought him upstairs, and it was gone.”
Sebastian raised an eyebrow. He looked like a dog who’d found a tire and was readying to chase it. “I assume by skeleton, you mean it was not… fresh.”
“No. It was old, but I can’t give it an age. I prefer dating nautical artifacts, not human remains.”
“Any idea who it might have been?”
“He wasn’t wearing a name tag, Seb.”


  1. Squee! I'm adding this to my GR shelf and looking forward to reading another of your intriguing mysteries.