Wednesday, April 10, 2024

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Release: Joy (paperback)

Joy (A Lancaster Story: Book Two) is now available in paperback for the first time since its initial 2017 release! Included as an exclusive bonus to the paperback is the short story, Kneading You (A Lancaster Story: Book One) which makes the entire series now readily available in both ebook and paperback format.

Joy can be purchased in paperback at Amazon and is in queue for immediate distribution to Barnes & Noble as well.

Blurb: Down on his luck is Gideon Joy’s default state. He doesn’t know why he expected a different outcome on his cross-country trip, but unsurprisingly, the hits keep coming—literally this time. Gideon strikes a moose with his car in New Hampshire, not only totaling his own vehicle, but damaging one belonging to local construction worker, Silas Bright. He has no choice but to stay in Lancaster and take on a job that’ll pay for the repairs. And in a town so small, Gideon’s constantly running into Silas. What starts as annoyance between them soon blooms into something much more intimate. But when Gideon’s notorious bad luck rears its head yet again, how many disastrous dates will Silas be willing to weather before realizing Gideon’s not worth the effort?

The quaint community has accepted Gideon as one of their own, but past fears of inadequacy threaten the very joy he left Los Angeles to discover. If he’s to find a happily ever after with Silas, Gideon must learn to accept that sometimes it’s okay to not be the best. And true happiness might be an everyday life in a small town.

Entirely revised and freshly edited 2nd edition.

Also included, exclusive to the paperback edition: Kneading You (A Lancaster Story: Book One)

Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Reads: March, 2024

I was all over the place with research books in March, so unfortunately I only had time to write one review. That being said, it's a fantastic read!

18 Tiny Deaths: The Untold Story of Frances Glessner Lee and the Invention of Modern Forensics by Bruce Goldfarb

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Movies: March, 2024

I'm starting a new monthly roundup! Along with my book reviews, I'll now be sharing movie reviews posted at Letterboxd—basically the Goodreads of the movie world. For those who might not know, I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts with Honors in film production. But like so many often do after attending art school, I burned out on my interest and passion in movie making. I promised myself that 2024 would be about rediscovering that joy and watching the types of films I love—to heck with the opinions of former professors!

Art is subjective. Remember that.

So if you'd like movie recommendations, or have interest in reading breakdowns that study styles and processes, check out my March views:

The Wind Phone (2019) by Kristen Gerweck

Love Lies Bleeding (2024) by Rose Glass

The Untouchables (1987) by Brian De Palma

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Thursday, February 29, 2024

Reads: February, 2024

February continues my streak of great reads with new research books and a review for an old favorite! All highly recommended for those interested in these topics/genre.

Clay and Bones: My Life as an FBI Forensic Artist by Lisa Bailey

In Death Lamented: The Tradition of Anglo-American Mourning Jewelry by Sarah Nehama

Still Life with Bones: Genocide, Forensics, and What Remains by Alexa Hagerty 

Among the Living (Psycop: Book One) by Jordan Castillo Price

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Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Translation: À la recherche du Docteur

The French edition of The Doctor (Magic & Steam: Book Three) is now available with Editions Bookmark and entitled, À la recherche du Docteur!

Blurb: 1882. Autrefois agent respecté du Bureau fédéral de la Magie et de la Vapeur, Gillian Hamilton se retrouve désormais sans titre, sans badge et derrière les barreaux. La révélation de son identité et de ses pouvoirs l’a fait tomber en disgrâce. Pour ne rien arranger, Gunner le Mortel a disparu dans les contrées sauvages de l’Ouest sans laisser de trace.

Mais, même au fond de son cachot, des rumeurs inquiétantes à propos d’un mystérieux médecin, connu sous le nom du Chirurgien, lui parviennent. Ce dernier aurait accès à des formes illégales de magie et, si tel est le cas, la violence, le chaos et la mort s’abattront sur New York. Gillian sait qu’il doit intervenir. Il demeure l’ultime rempart contre ce nouvel ennemi, avec ou sans l’aide du BFMV.

Pour réussir cette mission périlleuse, il lui faudra plus que son courage. Gillian aura non seulement besoin du talent inné de Gunner, mais aussi de son amour s’il veut mettre le Chirurgien aux arrêts avant que des dommages irréversibles ne soient causés au monde magique.

Publisher: MxM Bookmark
Series: De Magie et de Vapeur
Book #: T3

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Friday, February 16, 2024

Translation: Il mistero delle curiosità

The Italian release of The Mystery of the Curiosities (Snow & Winter: Book Two) is now available and entitled, Il mistero delle curiosità!

Blurb: Sebastian Snow è felice. L’Emporium va a gonfie vele e la sua relazione con il detective della Omicidi Calvin Winter è tutto ciò che ha sempre desiderato. Con San Valentino alle porte, la sua unica preoccupazione è decidere se invitare Calvin fuori per una cena romantica. Ma quando uno sconosciuto sfonda la vetrina dell’Emporium con un mattone lasciandosi dietro uno strano biglietto, i suoi programmi romantici passano in secondo piano.

In breve tempo Sebastian si trova coinvolto in una serie di macabri delitti il cui unico elemento comune sono i riferimenti alle “curiosità” del Museo di P.T. Barnum. Nonostante i tentativi di Calvin di tenerlo fuori dal caso, è evidente che l’assassino sia determinato a giocare la sua partita proprio con Sebastian, che ancora una volta si troverà a rischiare la vita per risolvere il mistero.

Publisher: Triskell Edizioni
Series: Snow & Winter
Book #: 2

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