Monday, June 13, 2022

Sale: Magic & Steam series

In celebration of International Steampunk Day this Tuesday, I've put the Magic & Steam series on sale all week! If you've been hesitant about steampunk as a genre, now is a great opportunity to give it a try and race the streets of Gilded Age New York City with magic-wielding federal agent, Gillian Hamilton and his gentleman thief and infamous outlaw lover, Gunner the Deadly. Take a ride on airships, battle crazed engineers and power-hungry gangsters, sneak into the gay clubs along the Bowery, and try to survive as a mysterious villain threatens the magic encompassing Gillian's world!

Book 1, The Engineer, is only 99c, and Book 2, The Gangster, is on sale for $1.99. Be sure to grab the newest release too: Book 3, The Doctor.

Monday, June 6, 2022

Reads: May, 2022

I'm a bit behind on posting my May reads (story of my life!) and I haven't written reviews for everything, so I'll just share the two I did. I continued my pleasure reading of Adrien English, and got my greedy hands on the finale of Hazard & Somerset, too!

Death of a Pirate King (An Adrien English Mystery 4) by Josh Lanyon

Final Orders (Hazard and Somerset: Arrows in the Hand 5) by Gregory Ashe

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Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Publishing Anniversary

Every June I have plenty of reasons to drink whiskey and eat cupcakes guilt-free, and that includes: it's my birthday (35 this year!), the celebration of marriage equality, Pride, and my publishing anniversary! 2022 marks 7 long, weird, wild, and glorious years of pursuing my lifelong dream of being a professionally published author—and it marks 2 years of doing this as a full-time job! It all began with a (currently unavailable, but will eventually be re-published, I promise) short story called, Love Has No Expiration.

2015 - 2022 with Emporium Press

5 short stories (+1 in production: Curio)
5 novellas
10 novels (+1 in production: Subway Slayings)
2 co-written novels
1 anthology
15 audiobooks (+1 in production: The Doctor)
9 French translations (+4 more in production)
2 German translations (+3 more in production)

Not too shabby for someone who takes an average of three to four months to write a book while juggling all the other moving parts of being a small business owner!

I've been able to include Garrett Kiesel, Declan Winters, and Kale Williams in my narrator stable, alongside the talents of Greg Tremblay and Wyatt Baker. My beloved steampunk series has found a dedicated readership—these were books I was told had no audience by agents and house alike. I even won two awards this year for Madison Square Murders (Indie and e-Lit) and The Gangster (e-Lit)!

I'll be co-hosting a reader meet-up in New York City this July and attending GRL in October as a Spotlight Author. I've also got a few trips planned for 2023, which I hope to be given the go ahead to talk about soon! All in all, my seventh year is looking great, and I couldn't have done it without the support of my fellow artists, production team, and readers like you. Thank you for supporting indie authors and quality LGBTQ fiction.

Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Sountrack: The Doctor

The Doctor (Magic & Steam: Book Three) is out in the big wide world and I wanted to share some of the songs that I religiously listened to on repeat while writing the latest adventure of Gillian and Gunner!

Can You Feel My Heart - Bring Me The Horizon

Shadow Moses - Bring Me The Horizon 

Safe and Sound - Capital Cities


Godzilla - Eminem

Popular Monster - Falling in Reverse 

Irish Party in Third Class - Gaelic Storm

Infectious - Imminence 

Stay - The Kid Laroi


Running Up That Hill - Meg Myers

Wellerman - Nathan Evans


Teeth - 5 Seconds of Summer

Thursday, May 26, 2022

Release: The Doctor

The Doctor (Magic & Steam: Book Three) is live with all online retailers! Join Gillian Hamilton and Gunner the Deadly in their next steampunk adventure full of explosions, gunfights, illegal magic, and yes, a glorious romance.

Blurb: 1882—Gillian Hamilton, magic caster and Special Agent with the Federal Bureau of Magic and Steam, has been stripped of his title, badge, and freedom. Gillian’s true name and powers have been exposed, so now he’s kept under lock and key. To make a tragedy worse, Gunner the Deadly has returned to his life out in the Wild West and has not been heard from since.

Rumors of a doctor, known only as Sawbones, with access to illegal magic have persisted into the new year. Gillian believes that violence, chaos, and certain death will befall New York City if this criminal isn’t apprehended. And despite having lost his sense of purpose, Gillian knows he’s the only one capable of confronting this new madman—with or without the backing of the FBMS.

But such dangers should never be undertaken alone. Gillian will need both Gunner’s deadeye marksmanship, as well as his love, if he’s to detain Sawbones before irreparable damage is done to the magic of his world.

Purchase: Available Online Retailers
The Doctor
Magic & Steam
Book #:
Cover art:
Reese Dante

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Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Awards: Indie & e-Lit winners

This month, Madison Square Murders won first place for Best Mystery in the Next Generation Indie Book Awards and the e-Lit Book Awards, and The Gangster won second place for Best Science Fiction/Fantasy in the e-Lit Book Awards! These nationwide events are not specific to LGBTQ content, so I am extremely humbled and thankful to be representing our positive and affirming content to a much wider audience.

Saturday, May 7, 2022

Reads: April, 2022

April was a long month of decompressing, as I realize, looking back, I was very near every author's biggest fear: burnout. I didn't even get much reading done, to be honest. It was a month of committing to healthier routines and getting back on track for the rest of the year, which I am confident I've achieved!

The Hell You Say (An Adrien English Mystery 3) by Josh Lanyon

Father Complex (Hazard and Somerset: Arrows in the Hand 4) by Gregory Ashe

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