Friday, September 24, 2021

Soundtrack - Madison Square Murders

Madison Square Murders (Memento Mori: Book One) releases September 28, 2021! This is my first police procedural mystery, as up until now I've focused mostly on amateur sleuths, and it introduces two characters I've been tinkering with for three years: Detectives Everett Larkin and Ira Doyle. I wanted to share the music I listened to quite heavily while writing. Let me know if any of these songs resonate with you and the book!

What's Wrong by half alive

Say My Name by David Guetta, Bebe Rexha, J Balvin

Hate Me by Ellie Goulding, Juice WRLD

Godzilla by Eminem, Juice WRLD

Stereo Hearts by Gym Class Heroes, Adam Levine

Ophelia by The Lumineers

Addict from Hazbin Hotel

First Time by Lifehouse

Chlorine by twenty one pilots

Thursday, August 26, 2021

Snow & Winter 5 Year Anniversary

Summer always holds two special anniversary dates for my career—June 1st and August 30th.

June 1, 2015 was the release of my very first professionally written and published piece, a short story called Love Has No Expiration. It has since been removed from the market, but like I did with the rest of my backlist when I went into business for myself, I still plan to clean, polish, and re-cover it when I have a minute to spare. This past June 1st marked my sixth year as a published author, and while that book was a teeny tiny drop of water in the vast ocean that is the book industry—we all begin at the beginning.

It was August 30, 2016 that was the game changer. That was the release of my first novel and the first book of the Snow & Winter mystery series—The Mystery of Nevermore. I had hoped that the genre and readers beyond would receive antique dealer and amateur sleuth Sebastian Snow in a positive manner, but five years and four and a half books later, (I'm including Interlude!) I'm humbled daily by how many people he's touched. Who'd have ever expected that a crotchety Luddite with a vision condition would resonate with so many?

My writing skills have grown since the release of Nevermore, for which I'm quite thankful. I feel that's all any professional can hope for. We want to write the best possible book we can, to always one-up our previous release, and I do hope that's what I managed with Nevermore, Curiosities, Moving Image, and Bones. And I hope that readers appreciated the gentle self-exploration and growth that Sebastian experienced as a man, how his relationship with Calvin development throughout each new story, and the almost full circle he came as a mystery-solving addict.

I say almost, because when I first began working on this series, it came to me as four titles, with the asterisk that I needed to end the series in such a way so it would allow for a fifth book, should everything I mentioned above coalesce into a concept that only served to strengthen and further these characters. And for two years, I only had the vaguest idea, so I never pushed it. I had other books I wanted to write, and have since begun the Magic & Steam series, Auden & O'Callaghan, as well as Memento Mori. Lots of dreams realized!

And then the idea struck like an act of God—a lightning bolt on a crystal clear day. I had three aspects that needed to be addressed in the potential Book 5:

1. Where is Sebastian as a man?

2. What will coerce him into another mystery?

3. How will his relationship come into play?

Could I continue to grow Sebastian as well as keep to the patterns introduced throughout the other four books? And I'm sure you've now asked—pattern? Yup. I am a woman who loves visual or emotional patterns in art. Every Snow & Winter book begins at the Emporium, opening on Sebastian being introduced to a tangible item that kicks off the mystery. Every book ends with the foreshadowing of where his relationship with Calvin will move next. And this is why how I ended Bones was so important. If I never did write the fifth story, could the series stand strong as-is? Yes, I believe it does. If I did write it, could the series continue on as the others were written?

Yes. It can now.

Because Bones ended on an open-ended suggestion of their married life to come. I decided to tie that into how I would make Sebastian delving into another mystery a believable plot point. He's gone through a cycle of: introduced, obsessed, wary, and forced, when it's come to past mysteries. So if he's retired from sleuthing at this stage in his life, how can I drag him back in such a way that wouldn't end in a divorce between him and Calvin?

And that's how The Mystery of the Spirits was born. So for the five year anniversary of Snow & Winter, the never-promised but always-hoped-for fifth book is now available for pre-order with all online vendors. Release is November 30, 2021.

Blurb: Antique dealer Sebastian Snow and homicide detective Calvin Winter have been happily married for a year and a half. In that time, there’s been nary a mystery in sight, and for a recovering sleuth like Sebastian, nothing more compelling than the curiosities that pass through his shop is exactly the kind of life he needs.

That is, until Calvin’s lieutenant enters the Emporium and demands insight on a bizarre Victorian object known as a spiritoscope, hailing from the early days of the Spiritualism movement. Sebastian’s extensive knowledge of all things strange leads him to consulting for the NYPD—putting him at odds with his husband, into a battle of wits with detectives, and pulled into a dangerous scavenger hunt across the city that, if Sebastian doesn’t step up to the challenge, will result in a whole lot of death.

Mystery, murder, and marriage… Sebastian’s back.

Thursday, August 19, 2021

Audio - A Friend in the Fire

A Friend in the Fire
(An Auden & O'Callaghan Mystery: Book Two), co-written by myself and Gregory Ashe, is now available in audiobook format! Narrated once again by Garrett Kiesel, a copy can be picked up at Amazon, Audible, and iTunes.

Blurb: After solving the mystery behind the death of his former friend in July, ex-Army Sam Auden has been aimlessly wandering the country. Everything had gone sideways in New York City, so when his phone rings three months later, the caller is the last person Sam expected to be asking for help.

Confidential informant Rufus O’Callaghan has been struggling. His NYPD contact was murdered over the summer, and the man Rufus is head over heels for was driven away by his own undiagnosed trauma. But when he receives an anonymous letter that promises information on his mother, life goes from dark to dangerous in the blink of an eye.

Sam and Rufus must dig into Rufus’s rough and turbulent past in order to solve a series of contemporary murders connected to his mother. And if the two can’t expose who the killer is in time, they will most certainly become his next targets.

Thursday, July 15, 2021

Pre-order: Madison Square Murders

The first book in my all-new mystery series, Memento Mori, is now available for pre-order! Madison Square Murders can be picked up at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, Kobo, and Smashwords. (Google Play to follow.)

Blurb: Everett Larkin works for the Cold Case Squad: an elite—if understaffed and overworked—group of detectives who solve the forgotten deaths of New York City. Larkin is different from others, but his deduction skills are unmatched and memory for minute details unparalleled.

So when a spring thunderstorm uproots a tree in Madison Square Park, unearthing a crate with human remains inside, the best Cold Case detective is assigned the job. And when a death mask, like those prominent during the Victorian era, is found with the body, Larkin requests assistance from the Forensic Artist Unit and receives it in the form of Detective Ira Doyle, his polar opposite in every way.

Factual reasoning and facial reconstruction puts Larkin and Doyle on a trail of old missing persons cases and a murderer obsessed with casting his victims’ likeness in death. Include some unapologetic flirting from Doyle, and this case just may end up killing Everett Larkin.

Release Date: September 28, 2021

Cover Art: Reese Dante

Pre-order Link:

Thursday, July 1, 2021

Sale - Le mystère du Corbeau

The Mystery of Nevermore
(Le mystère du Corbeau) is on sale for only 1,99€ for French readers as part of the 2021 All Stars book event! A copy can also be found on sale at AmazonFR and FNAC. Visit Les éditions Bookmark for the complete Snow & Winter series.

Blurb: C’est Noël et tout ce que désire l’antiquaire Sebastian Snow, c’est que sa boutique se porte bien et sauver sa relation cachée en déclin avec l’agent de police scientifique, Neil Millett. Lorsque son magasin, l’Antique Emporium, se fait cambrioler et que l’on retrouve un cœur sous le plancher, Sebastian ne peut s’empêcher d’enquêter sur ce mystère.

Il se retrouve très vite impliqué dans des enquêtes de meurtres qui font écho aux récits macabres d’Edgar Allan Poe. Pour aggraver le tout, les investigations de Sebastian font voler en éclats sa relation avec Neil, tandis qu’il tombe sous le charme de l’agent chargé de l’affaire, Calvin Winter. Sebastian et Calvin doivent travailler de concert afin de percer le mystère qui se cache derrière ces meurtres, en dépit du danger et de la tension sexuelle grandissants, et ce avant que Sebastian ne devienne la prochaine victime.

Sunday, June 6, 2021

Sale - Southernmost Murder

Southernmost Murder's audiobook, narrated by Wyatt Baker, is on sale all month in celebration of both Audiobook Month and Pride! This sale is exclusive to Barnes & Noble and Google Play, where you can pick up a copy for only $4.50.

Blurb: Aubrey Grant lives in the tropical paradise of Old Town, Key West, has a cute cottage, a sweet moped, and a great job managing the historical property of a former sea captain. With his soon-to-be-boyfriend, hotshot FBI agent Jun Tanaka, visiting for a little R&R, not even Aubrey’s narcolepsy can put a damper on their vacation plans.

But a skeleton in a closet of the Smith Family Historical Home sure does throw a wrench into the works. Its identity drags Aubrey and Jun into a mystery with origins over a century in the past. They uncover a tale of long-lost treasure, the pirate king it belonged to, and a modern-day murderer who will stop at nothing to find the hidden riches. And if a killer on the loose isn’t enough to keep Aubrey out of the mess, it seems even the restless spirit of Captain Smith is warning him away.

The unlikely partnership of a historian and special agent may be exactly what it takes to crack this mystery wide-open and finally put an old Key West tragedy to rest. But while Aubrey tracks down the X that marks the spot, one wrong move could be his last.

Length: 7hr, 13min.

Thursday, May 6, 2021

Audio - Interlude

Interlude (Snow & Winter Collection: Volume One), narrated by Wyatt Baker, is now available in audiobook format! Copies can be picked up at either Amazon or Audible, with iTunes to follow soon.

Blurb: Interlude is a collection of short stories spanning the complete timeline of the Snow & Winter series, beginning with The Mystery of Nevermore to after the conclusion of The Mystery of the Bones. They feature the point of view of Sebastian Snow and Calvin Winter and consist of mini mysteries, as well as scenes from daily life. 

Please note: While many of these titles were previously made available for free, they have all since been rewritten, expanded, and edited for this collection. Several shorts are brand-new and exclusive, including Someone’s in the Wall, St. Louis What Now?, and Trope: Only One Bed.