Monday, October 28, 2019

New series in 2020

I have a new series that will be live in early 2020! Magic & Steam is a Steampunk adventure, taking place in 1882, New York City. Featuring Special Agent Gillian Hamilton and his famous outlaw lover, Gunner the Deadly.

You can now add the first two titles to your Goodreads shelf and stay updated on cover reveals, blurbs, and official release dates.

The Engineer (Book One)
The Gangster (Book Two)

Friday, October 25, 2019

Gay Mystery Authors podcast

A new podcast has hit the gay mystery scene! Hosted by Brad Shreve, Gay Mystery Authors interviews voices in this murderous genre, as well as shares reviews of new and old releases, courtesy of Justene Adamec.

Listeners can catch a wonderful review of The Mystery of the Bones in Episode 2, which also includes a conversation with award-winning Michael Nava, and an interview with myself can be caught in yesterday's Episode 3. Our conversation includes dishing about Bones, geography as a character, writing advice for new authors, and whether Sebastian Snow thinks C.S. Poe is trustworthy. (Spoiler: She is not! Ha, ha!)