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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

World Penguin Day!

Good morning friends!  Guess what today is?

World Penguin Day!

That’s right. And as some of you know, I love penguins. So much so that once upon a time I wrote a romantic comedy, penguin shifter story. No, for real! I did! And in honor of those adorable, goofy birds, I will be giving away (3) e-copies of Love, Marriage, and a Baby Carriage.

And if you’ve already read about Theo and Wes, check out their free coda here at my website! Also, if you enjoyed the story, please consider leaving a comment with sites like Amazon or Goodreads. All reviews, short or long, benefit authors!

Blurb: Theodore Reinhart is a young man looking for love. In San Diego. At a convention. For penguin shifters. WaddleCon is the go-to event of the year when looking for your life partner, but Theodore isn’t comfortable with the game they’ve turned dating into, nor does the convention provide for the gay community. A mistake in speed dating table assignments puts Theodore in front of Wesley O’Neill, a handsome and confident model who lets it slip that he’s definitely noticed the spark of attraction between them.
A perfect date ends prematurely when Theodore finds an abandoned egg in a bathroom trash can. Unable to leave it behind, Theodore and Wesley play a mad game of cat and mouse across the resort trying to keep it safe, all while growing closer to one another. Wesley may be the forever partner Theodore came looking for, but their relationship won’t work if they don’t make room for a little addition to the family.

I will draw the winners of the giveaway on Friday, April 28, 2017.

C.S. Poe

Monday, April 24, 2017

Monday Feature: S.C. Wynne

No offense to my pal S.C., but you’ll see I’ve put her answers under ‘Wynne’ because C.S. and S.C. was just too confusing for me, and that was after coffee!

C.S.: What do you write?
Wynne: MM Romance, MM Romantic Suspense/Mystery

C.S.: Why do you enjoy these genres?
Wynne: I like men. I enjoy writing male character more than women, maybe because then I’m taken out of the equation? But I do enjoy having a strong, female side character in many of my stories. Let’s keep in mind these male characters I create are fantasy men. These are not men I’ve ever actually met. Just like any romance novel or movie, these are pretend characters based on all the qualities we would love real life men to have.

C.S.: Tell us about your writing space.
Wynne: I split time between writing ON my bed and a desk in my kitchen. I used to love the tree outside my bedroom door but the gardeners killed it and now I’m sad.

C.S.: What sort of work-related items do you keep at hand?
Wynne: My Bluetooth earphones and Tums.

C.S.: What’s the weirdest item you keep nearby that’s not at all beneficial to writing?
Wynne: Salt. Maybe I’ve seen too many Supernatural episodes?

C.S.: Do you have any ‘good luck’ charms?
Wynne: I have  pretty little colored glass candle holder and I like to burn candles while I write. I’m not doing sacrifices or anything. (Not anymore.) But it smells nice.

C.S.: What’s easily the most distracting item in your writing space?
Wynne: My glider! It stares at me when I don’t use it! (And probably the TV.)

C.S.: Do you have any bad habits when you write?
Wynne: I tend to get distracted by research. I’ll go to look something up and an hour later, I’m still reading nonsense on the internet.

C.S.: What time of day are you most creative?
Wynne: Early morning. But I write from the moment I get up until 7pm at night every day.

C.S.: Do you have any ‘helpful’ pets?
Wynne: I have an immortal Zebra Finch. She will outlive us all. Her and her mirror. She thinks the mirror is another Finch. Also, she thinks she can sing. But she can’t. Her sounds are both terrifying and comical.

C.S.: What do you do to de-stress or enjoy that’s unrelated to writing?
Wynne: I watch The Real Housewives of New York while I exercise and I watch Shetland or Vera at night with my hubby while we eat dinner.

C.S.: Do you drink or snack while writing?
Wynne: Coffee. Oh, and sometimes I’ll have COFFEE. Plus occasionally, like every day, sunflower seeds.

C.S.: Listen to music? If so, does the soundtrack change with projects?
Wynne: I use BrainFM. I heard about it from Mark Dawson and it’s supposed to help you focus. I found a cheap lifetime membership deal on the internet. I also will put on Pandora sometimes. But real songs with lyrics often distract me and I want to sing along! Lol Me and my finch.

C.S.: Question from the audience: Of all your books, is there a title that doesn’t have a sequel, but that you’d want to write one for?
Wynne: The Cowboy and the Barista. People are most angry about how I ended that one. When I get the rights back, I will write a sequel. I promise. Put down the pitchforks people, I’m a woman of my word.


Book #1, cover for Book #2 not yet out
Hard-Ass Vacation
Release Date: 5/5/17 (ish)

Blurb: Senior Financial Analyst, Taylor Williams survived the embezzling scare at his firm, Peterton Financial, with the help of the gorgeous new Regional Manager, Phillip Daniels. Although Phillip suspected Taylor at first, their undeniable chemistry soon cut through those unfounded suspicions.
Now the two of them have embarked on a passionate sexual relationship during the holiday break. Holidays should be relaxing and stress free, but when you throw in ex-boyfriends, snow storms and bears, things get a little messy.

Buy links to come in May, available with all third party sites.

Author Bio: S.C. Wynne started writing m/m in 2013.  She loves writing m/m and her characters are usually a little jaded, funny and ultimately redeemed through love.
S.C loves red wine, margaritas and Seven and Seven's. Yes, apparently S.C. Wynne is incredibly thirsty. S.C. Wynne loves the rain and should really live in Seattle but instead has landed in sunny, sunny, unbelievably sunny California. Writing is the best profession she could have chosen because S.C. is a little bit of a control freak. To sit in her pajamas all day and pound the keys of her laptop controlling the every thought and emotion of the characters she invents is a dream come true.

If you'd like to contact S.C. Wynne she is amusing herself on Facebook at all hours of the day or you can contact her at

Join S.C. Wynne’s giveaway! One lucky reader will receive an e-copy of Hard-Ass Is Here and the sequel, Hard-Ass Vacation.

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Monday, April 17, 2017

Monday Feature: Joel Leslie

C.S.: What do you narrate?
Joel: Books, primarily. Sometimes nutritional information on the back of cans or cereal boxes.  LOL. Actually, as Joel Leslie I narrate any kind of LGBT material, mostly m/m romance. As Joel Froomkin (my real name), I do other material (a lot of historical and British material mostly).  I only keep the names separate so that people looking for my work in the m/m genre can find it easily. I’m actually recording my 100th book this week.

C.S.: What genre(s) do you most enjoy working in?
Joel: I really enjoy fantasy because there is so much room for vocal play and accent work (which is kind of my specialty). I also love historical material and cozy mysteries (there need to be more of those in the m/m genre!). One of these days I really would love to be doing more Y/A material. I’m super excited that I’m going to be doing one for Kiernan Kelly – Mad About the Hatter that is about Alice’s brother in Wonderland… it’s gonna be soooo fun.

C.S.: Tell us about your acting space.
Joel: My super-handy boyfriend, Rich, built a booth for me. It was actually kind of funny because I got a chance to be considered for a book with a major audio company, but they have very specific audio specs you need to meet. So about two months ago over a marathon 48 hours he built it for me so that I could get that job (I did!). It’s about 4x3… narrating is not for the claustrophobic! I have it set up so I can record sitting or standing, which is great for me because I have back issues. In fact he put metal bars at the sides so that I can lean on them and take some of the pressure off my back as the day goes on.

C.S.: What sort of work-related items do you keep at hand?
Joel: I go through SOOOOO much water in a day it’s ridiculous. I have my geographic dictionary (which is invaluable if you are a narrator) and not much else apart from the keyboard, trackpad, screen and mic. I wish it was about another foot wider cuz I could have some fun stuffed animals in there to keep me company. A personal steamer is a must, but it lives outside ‘my cave’.

C.S.: What’s the weirdest item you keep nearby that’s not at all beneficial to voice acting?
Joel: My booth is currently parked in what was, for a while, our costume shop (my boyfriend and I own a theatre company which is on hiatus at the moment). At one point we bought out an upholstery fabric store that was going out of business….so my booth is literally surrounded by hundreds of bolts of fabric.

C.S.: What’s easily the most distracting item in your acting space?
Joel: Facebook. Facebook. Facebook. I’ve learned to actually close out my email while I’m recording so I don’t get notifications and wanna stop and look. Between each chapter I let myself have a five minute ‘recess’ to catch up on messages and the latest m/m Facebook drama lol.

C.S.: Do you have any bad habits when you work?
Joel: Well – I actually carry more tension in my neck than I should when I’m recording. I watched a Facebook live video of myself and I was like “Ooooh”.  I was a chiropractor’s nightmare. I’ve tried to become very disciplined about my day because I’m so booked that I can’t afford to get behind. So, I had bad habits – but now I avoid them with structure. I have a time to get up, warm up, steam, get to work and a number of pages I HAVE to do each day or else. We are moving to Orlando in a few months so I really have to get into good workday habits otherwise I’ll be like “I wanna go see Mickey” EVERY SINGLE DAY.

In Joel's defense, the booth is quite hot.

C.S.: Do character voices come easily to you?
Joel: I love this question. It depends. British ones, yes. I have a much wider range of characters that I feel I can play with if I’m dealing with UK material because there is such a variety of dialects. I think my range of American characters is ok (the Skyler Foxe series really pushed that envelope)… but I still wish I had a more exhaustible supply of alpha-males. I am always very determined that each character has their own unique sound… and when you juggle 10 different series like I do, it can get tricky. Because as a series goes along, and more characters are added to the mix, it becomes challenging. My favorite episode of Family Guy is where the Doctor and Peter’s father in law are in the same room and they realize they have the same voice!

C.S.: Do you have any warm-up exercises?
Joel: I would be toast without them. I stretch, then I do a vocal warm-up, and then I steam my voice. Steam is the only way to get moisture to actually make contact with your vocal chords – and it makes a huge difference for me. I am actually having surgery on the 26th for reflux and I’m nervous but SO excited because my vocal stamina is really affected by it.

C.S.: Do you have any ‘helpful’ pets?
Joel: I have two extremely loquacious wiener dogs. My booth is now so far from them that the barking isn’t an issue. But dachshunds are very vocal and until I had the new booth they TOTALLY knew that they could hold me hostage by barking until they got a treat.

C.S.: What do you do to de-stress or enjoy that’s unrelated to voice acting?
Joel: OMG I love to nap. So. Much. Apart from that, we go to the movies a LOT (there’s not much else to do in Indiana) and I’m a giant Disney freak (hence the Orlando move). I really try and be disciplined about going to the gym… I’ve learned (and was quite surprised) that my voice is a lot healthier when I do.

C.S.: Question from the audience: Tell us the craziest voice you’ve ever had to come up with.
Joel: I did a kids book with a six foot tall talking cockney bunny rabbit. He was fun.  I think people that listen to my m/m stuff probably like Rodolfo from the Skyler books the best. He’s sort of a cartoon of Antonio Banderas and folks seem to always mention him as their favorite.

Release Date: Pending Audible, hopefully week of April 17, 2017.

Blurb: Ennek, the son of Praesidium’s Chief, has rescued Miner from a terrible fate: suspension in a dreamless frozen state called Stasis, the punishment for traitors. As the two men flee Praesidium by sea, their adventures are only beginning. Although they may be free from the tyranny of their homeland, new difficulties await them as Miner faces the continuing consequences of his slavery and Ennek struggles with controlling his newfound powers as a wizard.
Now fugitives, Ennek and Miner encounter challenges both human and magical as they explore new lands and their deepening relationship with each other.

Upon release, will be available at Amazon & Audible.

Narrator Bio: An Earphones Award-winning narrator, raised in the UK with American parents, Joel Leslie is known for  a unique blend of authentic American and British sounds. He is a specialist in dialects – having taught accents at NYU, coached Broadway stars and celebrities, major regional theaters and national tours.  Classically trained with an MFA in theatre from USC.  Former theater faculty for Purdue/Indiana University; Director of Drama at Manchester University. He has over 100 full length audiobooks to his credit and over 2,000 five star reviews on audible.  He was awarded Narrator of the Year and Audiobook of the Year 2016 by Sinfully Gay Romance Book Reviews and five of his titles have been voted Audiobook of the Month by voters at Openskyebookreviews. He likes Twizzlers and dachsunds (who also like Twizzlers).

Be sure to check out Joel’s giveaway! (6) winners will receive their choice of audio of The Necromancer’s Dance by SJ  Himes or Dare to Hope, All Cocks Book 4 by TM Smith.

Thank you for supporting indie authors and their incredible audio narrators! Be sure to leave Joel your own questions or comments!